Inventory / stock reports / general reports

Good evening

I am finding the availability of reports and enquiries in Tryton very limited. Typical reports are stock on hand, stock transaction history, open purchasing, overdue purchasing and the likes.

Is there any more reports available except business intelligence reports?

It exists when double clicking on a location.

You can search from Moves menu but I think we could have a relate from the product.

You get the information from the tab “From Supplier Waiting”.

You get it by ordering by date or filtering for planned date in the past.

We do not create menu entries for simple thing we can get using the search function.

I’ve filled Issue 9411: Add relate from product to it's moves - Tryton issue tracker which add the relate.

I had to make some BaBI Reports to see the info that I needed. It’s a very useful tool.
You can search at the forum or you can ask how to make your specific report.
Hope it helps.