How to get the total stock of more than one product

I was sure that selecting more than one product or variant and then going to Quantity by locations I got the total of that products per each location but I am just noticed that no. That action just shows the 1st product quantities by location.
Wich is the best way to get that info?
I have 10 products (5 templates - 2 variants p/template) that are used for the same process. I would like to get the total quantity of them.

Maybe you should go to “locations”, double-click on “Warehouse”, you’ll have all your products in stock, then you apply a filter to get only needed products…

That’s not possible because nothing says they have the same unit of measure so they can not be summed and so there are no such view.

I guess for you they are the components of a BoM and you want to know how much production you can run. For now we do not have such view but it sounds similar to part of Product Kit Support.

Yes, this is the best way to it now, without modifies.

That sounds good. We are not using the production modules yet beacause we are just starting to use Tryton but in the near future we are going to use it and that feature would be very useful.

To solve my needs I designed a BaBI Report. I’m sure this is not the best way and also the query must be improved but it’s working well for us. I leave here some screeshots and data if someone has the same needs.


Filter query:
o.quantity > 0 and {Categoría} in ( for c1 in o.categories) or o.quantity > 0 and {Categoría} in (c2.parent and for c2 in o.categories) or o.quantity > 0 and {Categoría} in (c3.parent and c3.parent.parent and for c3 in o.categories) or o.quantity > 0 and {Categoría} in (c4.parent and c4.parent.parent and c4.parent.parent.parent and for c4 in o.categories)

This query could be made as here but I couldn’t make it work.

For this report I used a custom field of the product (quantity) which gets the quantity of that product in its default locations (defined with Stock Product Location module).

This is what I get:
Here I have the total quantity of the category (you must be careful with the UoMs) and the quantity of each product. It is very useful for us.

Cheers! And thanks!