Purchase reporting of aggregated data


It’s been a while since Tryton has some aggreggated reporting of sales data but we are missing the features to analize purchase data.


Add a Reporting tab on purchases which include similar reports as currently available on sales action. This will include:

  • Purchases per supplier
  • Purchases per product
  • Purchases per category

I do not think it makes sense to include the “Purchase per region” as purchases does not have any direct correlation with the region (but this may be the case on sales).




I celebrate this new effort :grinning:

The business logic is not the same as for sales, but this report would be useful for purchases, for example:
It may be necessary for a company to know what its suppliers are and whether they are local, regional or otherwise, this type of information is common in management reports.

I think it would be a necessary report.

As you normally choose the suppliers you buy from you will be able to know if the supplier is local or regional from the purchases by supplier list. This is not the case on the customers as they choose you.

If you prefer to have this information availalble on the list is just a mather of adding a functional field that depends on the supplier to compute it. Depending on the company you should consider as local supplier the ones from the same subdivision or from the same country. So this makes me think this should not be part of standard but something implemented as customization.

What is the purpose? What kind of action a purchaser could take from such data?

For me these are not the needed reports. Indeed I think the information a purchaser wants is to evaluate the effectiveness of the suppliers like:

  • the average delay (and standard deviation) between the planned date and the effective date of the shipment
  • the average delivery time per product, supplier and product-supplier
  • the frequency of back-order
  • the quality of the products received
  • the correctness of the order


Indeed it is probably good to have a picture of where the supply is. I think this can be done per region based on the amount.

This is probably also good to have to negotiate discount with supplier. I think it will also be good to have under it the breakdown per category and finally per product.

I think this reports are also interesting for customer shipments. So I’m wondering if it won’t make more sense to include them on the stock module.

We are still missing some modules to track the quality/correctness of the products.

Main reason is to negotiate prices with the supplier. But also it is interesting to search for amount and quantities of a specific product/category to be able to search for new supplier that can provide a better price or supply time for them.

The information is mainly on the purchase (you can not do it with only stock module).

Reporting the quantity can only be done efficiently with stock moves. And just like for the margin reports, I think it better suit in the product menu.
So for me on the purchase module you can only have the number of order and the amount. Which makes reporting per product and category not very useful as you are mixing different supplier prices (and they sound like a poor margin report).

So you are proposing to add a quantity reporting to know which quantities of each product has been delivered/received? I think this should be interesting but I do not know how to structure it.

I think it is interesting to see such information not mixed by supplier. I mean if I know that I purchased XXXX€ to a supplier I should be able to know the amounts for each product. So I think we should add a tree_open action that opends the detail per timeseries but also another that opens the detail per product/category.

This is one of the requested features from our users. They mainly work with a single supplier for each product, so they want to know the details of purchases per product.

I think it should be quite similar to the margin report but focused only on the quantity (and maybe the cost price) and using the supplier location.


If filled Issue 9831: Aggregated reporting for purchase data - Tryton issue tracker which implements the discussed functionalities.