Calculate inventory rotation per day from sales


I would like to know if tryton can give the total amount of sales and an inventory rotation per dates. Something llike these:

Start Date: 2020/07/01
End Date: 2020/07/31

Product Quantity Unit Price Total
Product 1 3 1.50 4.50
Product 2 4 2.00 8.00
Product 3 5 3.00 15.00

It is very useful to see which product sells the most.

Thanks in advance!

There is the sale reporting per product.

Thanks @ced,

Do I need to do some config to activate it?

I’m trying it in trytond 5.6 version but without success.

Thanks in advance!

The user must be in the sale group and have pygal installed on the server to have the trend charts.

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You also need to set a exchange rate for the company currency with a date before the first sale, otherwise the report is empty

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Thanks, it works like a charm!

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