In which version was the sales module introduced?

I am using version 3.8 and I am not able to find the sales module ?


The module is called sale

I tried already, nothing found.

I search on the folder itself in the tryton directory.


The sale module is since 2008-09-03[1] in Tryton.
But I see you are using gnu-health, so maybe better ask
[1] modules/sale: 6ec8f6a1c665

It seems you don’t have the sale module installed. You can install it from pypi with the following command:

pip install "trytond_sale<3.9"

The screenshot doesn’t show that you install the sale module. Instead you installed trytond.

@udono Would you please tell me what is the different between tryton and trytond ?

About the screenshot I was trying to follow the command recommend by @pokoli

Just to clarify the package names:

  • tryton is the gtk appication to connect to a trytond server
  • trytond is the daemon running on a server that comunicates the tryton client.
  • sao is the web client used to connect to a trytond server
  • trytond_sale is the sale module for trytond (the tryton server)

Installing trytond_sale with pip will install all the required dependencies (the server, the other modules that sale depends on).

Hope it helps.

Thanks for explanation, this is very helpful to understand.
@pokoli I have exuctued the command and yet I didn’t find here did the pip has installed the package file at.
When I use this command

Where will the package files be placed?

It depends on the system and the python version you are using. But you should not care about it as the package should be detected by the python package systems and thus available on the server.

Take care that you should refresh the module list. On the recent versions trytond-admin has an option for it. Otherwise you can update any module and this will refresh the database list.

On the other hand, if you want to downalod the source of the package and uncompress on the module folder, this source code version is available for download from pypi