Sale module installation procedure! for tryton 6.0 and trytond 3.8.8

Hi! How to install the sales module. As I have installed Tryton 6.0 and trytond 3.8.8. Currently, I am using this version and working on the modules that are already available in the trytond directory. However, Now I want to install the Sale module for the above version!
Plz, guide me in a proper way, step by step.
I have tried the module installation process from the gnuhealth module documentation. But It is not working.

Tryton will only connect to Trytond if the version is the same: ex. For Trytond 6.0.x, you should use Tryton 6.0.x.

Do you need to use Gnuhealth? Or do you need Tryton?

Please state exactly what you did, what you expected and what happened.

Please explain what you want to achieve, it will be easier for us to help this way.

PS: I do not think this is the right way to request a how-to wiki…
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I am working on gnuhealth tryton. I installed tryton from gnuhealth. there are many modules installed, but the sale is not available. now i want to install sale module

Tryton looks for a module (or a symlink to a module) in the trytond/modules/ directory or it looks-up depending of the installation with pip or another distribution format. It’s best practice to install the new module in the same way you installed the other parts of your tryton installation.
You need to install a module version (3.8.x or 6.0.x) for every branch of the server version (3.8.8 or 6.0.0) if you want it in both services.