Improving 'cancel' moves

I believe there is considerable improvement to be made to ‘cancel’ moves in an accounting sense.
The current pitfalls are:

  • description provided completely replaces cancelled moves description
  • multiple moves see the same description used
  • if the date of the move to be cancelled is in a closed period, then the only alternative is to use the current date (which may not [yet] have a period created).

What would be welcome improvements:

  • the description provided is simply a prefix to the description of the cancelled move, allowing better readability, notably in the accounting moves view…
    for example: if ‘[cancelled]’ is the prefix, then ‘[cancelled] <description of move to be cancelled>’ would be the resulting description in the cancelling move.
  • in accounting, if the cancelled move is in a closed period, the first day in the first open period thereafter should be used for the cancelling move, otherwise a specified date.

This has been quickly prototyped and has greatly improved both single and multiple cancellation moves, for example cancelling accountants closing entries at the beginning of the next fiscal year.

If there is enough interest for a blueprint and patch proposal?

This might as well be an opportunity to revive Issue 5180: reversal/extourne moves - Tryton issue tracker which permits a choice of using storno moves (exchange sign of values) or reversal moves (exchange debit/credit values).