Changing party in posted moves

In OpenERP we could correct the party in posted moves without a correction move, that is by simply correcting the party. Tryton doesn’t seem to permit this…
I don’t see anything in particular that should prevent this, outside of eventually requiring that the line not be reconciled to avoid bizarre side-effects…
Any particular (read ‘legal’) reasons these can’t be corrected ‘in situ’?
Otherwise, it would be extremely useful to have the means (perhaps by admin privilege) to perform certain corrections such as this.

Could you explain the benefit? When you need to correct the party?
For me it sounds like and exceptional procedure and it makes sense to create a correction move to fix them.

The dunning may also have problem with party changing. Also the FEC export may be invalid.

The party field should be seen as a sub-account. If an entry was posted in the wrong account, nobody will imagine editing the account.

OpenERP is not really known for keeping data integrity. I do not think it should be taken as an example.

I dont think that this is compliant to accounting rules. Once a posting is made, it should not be changed anymore. If you made a mistake, cancel/revert the posting and create a new posting with the correct party.
It is fully correct that Tryton does not allow tweaking the books by default

I’m convinced. Thanks for the feedback.


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