Add support for budget

Dear all,

I have learned that Analytic Accounting can be used to manage the Cost Centers. But, for cost centers:

  1. We must be able to allocate the budget
  2. We must be able to compare the actual vs allocated budgets.
  3. We must be able to warn the users if going beyond allocations.

Following is the link to Cedric’s blueprint for something like this module:

I think this module must be there in order to allocate budgets to various departments or heads. And If we plan to develop such a module, we should also think about re-designing the cost center management in Tryton. Many financial software allow tagging of project code or department name to expenses in order to manage the cost centers. And at start of each fiscal year, allocations are made corresponding to projects or departments.

Your ideas are welcome, please.

Khurram Shahzad.

I think it is better to re-write the blueprint instead of using a link to the deprecated repository.
Also it will be good to follow our standard template for Blueprint: Rational, Proposal, Implementation.

I do not understand what you mean.

Companies allocate budgets to their departments. When an expense is recorded, the department which consumed the funds should also be saved along with this expense. In this way, both “allocations” and “consumption” are recorded for every department. By comparing allocations with consumption each departments budget is monitored and controlled.

Similarly, the budgets to different departments are allocated from the company’s EXPECTED revenue. I think the budget module should also save this information.

This will be solved using analytic accounts and budget on analytic accounts.

Analytic accounts are good but they require another layer of configuration and they are optional as well. If the finance guys forget (or deliberately ignore) the entry in analytical accounts, the consumption will not be recorded for some department(s).

I think we should provide the list of departments with every accounting transaction and allow user to choose the department to save the impact for.

You can mark an analytic root as required, so it will be enforced that every account move will be an analytic move for the given root.

So the anaylitic account is the generic solution for most cases.

Also with issue5900, the analytic part is enforced all P&L lines.