Custom description in invoice account move


Actually when posting an invoice its description is copied to the accounting move line description.
In some cases would be great to have some specific information about invoice in move description whether it has got description or it hasn’t. As an example, in supplier invoices the supplier invoice number (reference).


Allow to customize the account move line description of an invoice with most relevant information of it: date, reference, number, party, …
The parametrization can be done in accounting journal and by default will be the invoice description (current behavior).

The account move description could be use this customization as well.


Tryton does not do that any more because it was a data duplication.

I think this should be done by improving the record name of the invoice. There was already an first discussion but clearly it is not closed.

Seems it was implemented for sale and purchase but not on invoice. It would be a good solution, but should distinguish among invoice types.

Indeed it was implemented for the three documents. But it shows only one of the three options. So maybe we should display always number and reference in such way that there is no mixing (maybe by keeping the convention that reference is also surrounded by []).

The improvement of record name is being implemented in Issue 7553: Show number and reference in invoice rec_name - Tryton issue tracker

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