Manual invoice number

Dear comunity

I have an issue on the invoice localization module, I will explain to you

On Peru we have two invoicing processes:

  1. Electronic, where Tryton is perfect in order on use the stand numbering process
  2. Mecanical, where we dont use tryton numberingm since the invoices are pre printed and filled manually, this proceess is used as alternative when there are issues with the software applications or energy fall, then the invoicers could invoice sells using pre printed invoiced, but this invoiced must be loaded later to the software app using its own number on the pre printed invoice

Since tryton set number on an automatically process, I need to find a way to load this pre printed invoiced and keep its numbering in order on use this number for accounting processes and reports, then a suggest could be

  1. Enable invoice type as mecanicall, when the number is requested
  2. since the invoice has a number, the set number won be used on this kind of invoices

On an initial proposal, I was thing on just create the accounting movement, however he custommer give a similar to it:

“looks good but, what happend when we try to prepare a report for invoices or payments or something like that; these invoices will be lost, and we couldn’t track them, neither have a report from them.”

That is the reason that I am thinking on a way to set the number manually, but I want to implement it on a manual but trytonic way, keeping comunity rules

I was looking some experiences on other projects like this issue or suggest for a better implementation

Note: Manual invoiced are named as contingency reports and must be reportes as that, as a contingency report

Best regards

Why not create the accounting move only instead of using the invoice? I guess this should be quiet rare and that the extra works is not really a problem.
You could even have a dedicated model for that purpose.
I think it will even be better than reusing the invoice because the manual computation could have different result.

@ced I have also though on that. I have append an extra annotation


If you need them in any kind of report, just add them to the report.
Any way any accounting report which will be based on document like invoice will be wrong, it should always be based on the accounting moves.
Also it provides any feature to use the invoice model because it will not link to any other documents like sale or purchase. Those are external document and should be managed as-is.

I was researching about that. And based on your answer:
Any way any accounting report which will be based on document like invoice will be wrong, it should always be based on the accounting moves.
You are completely right, however there is a report named “reporte de caja” which one is for all invoiced invoices and registered payments which ones will be compared with accountant movements, then, if there are some invoiced no in the report, the report is wrong. That is the reason on thinking on the posibility on adding invoicices with manual set number.

Last day I propose the accountat on just use the accountant moves and told me “no works”, I need al invoices, manual and electronic on the software :frowning:

I hope find a faster solution



  1. I will post it on the mail list in order on find someone with similar cases
  2. I just noticed the last mail message

Well the Invoice.set_number method does not override number if it is already set. So you could have a wizard that asks and fills the number on such draft invoice.

@ced hat sounds likee a great idea

Thanks a lot