Invoice Delegation


Sometimes you need to delegate the purchase of goods, but the invoice need to be in the company name.
It can also be useful if the customer delegate someone (the customer accountant for example), to keep track who need to pay the invoice on behalf of the customer. this feature is from the discussion Invoice delegation


Change the account_invoice module and add a delegated_party field.
The delegated_party field, if populated when you post the invoice, will create an additional Move with two payable/receivable lines:

  • The old line with a negative amount associated to the original party (and reconciled with the move associated with the invoice)
  • A new payable/receivable line associated to the delegated_party


I think it will be good even on early stage to fill an issue and submit a review.
Like that the review process can start earlier and it will be easier to rectify the design if needed.

You’re right. will do.