Regression since OpenERP - Tryton doesn't use product's "[code] name" for invoice move lines in GL

Sudden panic, in the haste of getting Tryton into production, we completely zapped a very important detail where the GL is void of purchasing’s invoice lines’ descriptions where in OpenERP we always had the product ‘[code] name’. We now holding back on posting for the moment, but jan-feb is already posted:-(

In Tryton it is blank since the description is blank for the vast majority of purchases.

Since the origin seems okay, I wonder if simply adapting the GL report to convert to text the origin if the description is empty seems to be a sensible workaround, but I wonder if the same should be used in when posting the invoice (that is, when description is empty).

Actually, I would even argue that it should always be used as such, since the product description is mainly for partner communication, not accounting.

Similar issue with the invoice description itself.

Any body else come across this? Solution chosen?