I don't succeed to create a first product to test the point of sale module

I don’t succeed to create a first product, i have always the message "Une valeur est requise pour le champ “Société” sur “Produit Prix listé” ? My beginning with tryton is difficult but i think all is now ok i have declared tiers and société with employés and in particular i try to create the product with the user “admin” with all the permissions. What is missing when this message appears ?

It seems you did not have selected any company on your preferences.
Selecting one there should fix the issue.

Indeed the problem should be fixed since 6.2 with Issue 10773: Do not set cost or list price without company (or warehouse) - Tryton issue tracker

Thank you Sergi and Cédric, the company was selected in the preferences but finally doing again the things have solved the issue. I have been able to create some “Ventes PDV” (POS sales). For the next step, how can we print a customer ticket with a POS printer like Epson TM T20 II or other model ?
In fact ,for the moment, we dont need complex accounting, the price are not listed but set directly manually in the shop so we need just to select a generic product in the application by selecting a photo on a touch screen, enter the price read on the product label, deliver a ticket to the customer on a POS printer and store the sales movements. Is that possible with tryton ? and if yes, is there a simple way to configure it to do that ?

Nothing is in standard for that. You must create your own report.

Not starting by creating a product for each product will create trouble later because Tryton is managing the stock etc.

Ok it’s clear, i have some skills in python so i keep that in mind. Thank you for your reactivity.

Now if someone come with a good design to make it works for most printer and layout, we will be happy to include it in standard.