Product label/sticker

for a befriended non-profit grocery store I’m on the way to set up Tryton as POS. I thought it would be a nice idea to create product labels / stickers out of the list of products - but could not find a report on that behalf.

How could I create such stickers - containing product name, description, price, uom etc?

Thanks a lot in advance, Wolf

We do not have any report linke this in standard. You can design your own if you prefer.

We also have an issue to add barcode support on reports which may be interesting also for adding product labels.

We did such thing to print labels with lot number and product on a Zebra Printer.
Label is designed with a specific software: ZebraDesigner for Developers 3 Barcode Label Software | Zebra and loaded into Zebra Printer ram. Then you need to send data to print as an xml file to the printer. (Zebra DevTalks Community Day | ZebraDesigner for Developers and Template-Based Printing | May 2021 - YouTube)

Here’s our Tryton Code:

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