Tryton Product Development- Product List Price Error

Hello Tryton Community,

I’ve set up a development environment to modify Product module. I cloned the product module from Github, installed all the dependencies (including party, currency, country, company) and finally installed it using the following commands without any problems:

$ pip install --editable ~/Projects/product_dev/modules/product
$ trytond-admin -c ~/Projects/product_dev/trytond.conf -d product -u ir
$ trytond-admin -c ~/Projects/product_dev/trytond.conf -d product -u product

I run Trytond server and run Tryton client but when trying to add a product I get the following message:
A value is required for field “Company” in “Product List Price”

This is a screenshot of the error:

The List price box is grey and I cannot specify list price. I’m not sure if this has anything to do with it? I’m using Tryton 6.2.0

Could anyone please help resolving this issue?

Thank you,


I think you may need to create a company and then set your user’s companies and current company. You’ll then need to logout and back in, or open your preferences so Tryton knows which company you are using the system as.

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Thank you David. You exactly, pin-pointed the problem. I set the current company for the admin and I can add a product now.

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