Article calculation for a printing company

Hello all,
i have recently started to work with python. as i work in a printing company, i have been asked if there is an opensource solution as an ERP for a printing company.
I therefore came across Tryton.

I downloaded a test version 6.2, which I also have on my Windows.

My question is:
Is it possible with Tryton to make individual calculations for a print product?
The calculation should work on an hourly basis.
I should be able to create workstations. These then have an hourly rate. In addition, it is specified how many pieces I can create in an hour.
In addition, there are material costs.
Z. For example, for digital printing: A4 - 1 print on one page = 5 cents
A3 - 1 print on one page = 8 cents

Paper costs (taken from item list) = test paper = 2 cents per sheet.

I would also like to put different products that I calculate into one package.
For example for a mailing. This consists of an envelope (printed or unprinted), one A4 sheet or even more.
Product =

  • Envelope
    • printed or unprinted
  • A4 sheet
    • printed or unprinted

Thank you in advance for an answer.

Translated with (free version)

You can edit the sale price of a line on the sale order.

But usually the sale price is predefined on the product and it is not computed out of the production process.
For now Tryton computes only the actual cost of a production. But I guess it could be possible to add the computation of a theoretical cost price of a product for each BoM and routing.

The work center can have a cost method per hour or per cycle: Production Work Module — trytond_production_work latest documentation

This looks like just a price per paper size and number of page. So I guess you can create 1 product per paper size.

For that you can create product kits: Product Kit Module — trytond_product_kit latest documentation

Hello Cedric,
is it possible to get a tutorial for Tryton users. We have set up a server and now want to set up a system for the print shop.
But we lack essential knowledge about Tryton.

How to start setting up a company in Tryton properly?
How do I set up a production line?
How do I create articles correctly?
Is there a good PDF or links you can recommend me?

Maybe you are interested on one of our Production courses of the Tryton Academy

There is a work made for a print shop here.
It seems work as you want at the budget time. I think you will need re-code some lines to make it work at 6.2 series.
Hope it helps.

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Hi jerom,
unfortunately i dont speak - so I translated it with
and what I read was very promissing to me.
can you tell me if there is some digitalprint calculation in it?
Thanks a lot for your support !!!
Really good.

I think it is made for offset printing but i’ve never used it. For digital printing you can use simple sales with different products as “A4 paper printed 1/1 up to 500 copies” and assign a price to it. Then you can make other products and make a budget as a Draft Sale setting the quantity of each product/variant.

the link you sent me is unfortunately broken (the website opens, but the link to github is gone)
As we are beginners it would be nice if you can help us getting this run.
maybe you contact me directly via email?

Here you have the module link.
As I said before I have never used it and I think it is made for offset printing.
If you want to sell digital copies I think the best way is to make all the products (A4 copy 1/1 paper included, Letter copy 1/1 paper included) and use them in a standard sale. Also you can make products for simple side printing and for not included paper options. You can also create the same products but a little bit cheaper for big works (Ex: A4 copy 1/1 paper included (more than 1000 copies)).
Hope it helps!

You should not create duplicated products only to change the price, the sale_price_list module allows you to define a price based on quantity for big orders.

For sure this is the best option.