How to use SEPA direct debit for customers?

I want customers pay via direct debit. I understood, that I need to

  • add an bank account to the party
  • add SEPA direct debit mandate
  • check “direct Debit” in Party→Accounting
  • … some parts missing here …
  • export direct debit file for online-banking software

What I did not yet understand:

  • How to mark an invoice as “to be payed by direct debit” (in my mental model this would be a payment term)
  • How to create the respective direct debit information to be exported
  • How to actually export the direct debit information

There is no such mark. The lines to receive for which there is a valid mandate are displayed in a tab so user can generate the proper payments for them.

From the list of “Lines to Pay” the “Pay Lines” wizard creates the proper payment group which will contain the XML message.

The payment message contains the XML file.

You will also need to set a proper sepa identifier for your company, but the system will complain when generating the message if it is not set.

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