Importing a camt.054 SEPA message

Hi all,

Sorry if this seems like a retarded question, but how would I go about importing a camt.054 SEPA message into Tryton?

What we are trying to do is to use the camt.054 messages to automatically track incoming customer invoice payments.

You have to create an “IN” sepa message with the XML in the message field. Then you have to process the workflow: -> “wait” -> “do”.

Be careful that camt.054 is payment notification not statement. So normally you should only receive information about your payments.

What would be the best way to automate this on the server? We get a daily camt.054 statement so a cron job probably?

The way Finnish banks implement it is that it only includes received payments with a reference number plus possible reversals.

It really depends on how you receive the file. But of course you can script it using proteus.

Tryton module manages CAMT.054 as notification only so it will do nothing about payments that do not exist in the database.
Indeed it seems you are looking for the statement message CAMT.053 which is actually a bank statement. An prototype was developed in issue4658 but it should probably be redesigned for issue5882.

So wait. There’s currently no way to use any kind of CAMT report to match posted customer invoices to incoming payments?

In Finland a traditional business account bank statement doesn’t include separate lines for payments made with a reference number. All incoming and outgoing transactions with a reference number are grouped into daily totals (total incoming, total outgoing). The CAMT.054 report is the one that lists those transactions, and those transactions alone. The logic being that transactions with an associated reference number shouldn’t ever need to be handled by people.