How to recover a deleted information

Hello, i just recently was called to the attention of once a user delete an item it go off totally from the system amd has no log of like retrieving it back, i know about having the active and deactivate button, but in a case where a user delete a record by mistake. This cant be recover

No deletion is deletion. But we have confirmation and most of the record can not be deleted because of foreign key or workflow constraint.
If it is a problem you can still forbid the deletion with the access rights.

Yes i had to move to access right to stop it from happening next time again, but i am looking at maybe adding this to the development, becase keeping logs of deleted file thst can still be recover would be good.

Which means table would now have deleted at timestripe.

Also looking at the event of keeping records for each each users that update a column not just the regular creation at and write at this time around having a log of each user edit and changes.

You can activate historization on any Model: Models — trytond latest documentation

It would allow you to find the information your looking for.

I am reading this now, would dig more on it thanks