Tracking changes to records

I am exploring Tryton and I was wondering… Is there any changes tracking mechanism implemented? Something like WHO changed WHAT value and WHEN.

It’s nice to have an history of inserts/updates/deletes in cases of accidental deletes or updates.

The history attribute can be turned on on ModelSQL. That will store in a history table all the changes on the records.
The client know about historized records and allow to browse each revision.

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@ced I didn’t dive into the framework yet, but it seems to be what I was thinking about. All tables within the framework can have this attribute and can be enabled to keep history?

Can someone share 1-2 screenshot of this feature for a user?

Looking forward to explore Tryton more!

I just read this section in the docs mentioning historical data. For some reason, I haven’t seen this documentation before. When searching the web, I always land on this doc instead.

The former is outdated while the latest is more accurate.

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