Deleting Records in Tryton

Good Day All,
I needed some help, as i am unable to figure it out myself.

I have setup Tryton on a server , and to provide demo to the clients i have created entries on the system, like parties and adresses, invoices , and orders.
Now the trouble is i wish to delete some of these records , completely from the system , one party and all its dependent entities. Lets say a Party, its orders, and invoices , shipping data. It should be as if the Party never existed.
I am unable to find out how to delete the whole record. Is there a way in Tryton that this can be done, and i am not able to figure it out.
Or will i need to look at other ways to do this.

Also if a client makes an incorrect record, or he wants to flush a client from his system, how can he do it.
Do we have a Archive function in the system , where the whole record and its dependencies can be archived and not show up.

Thanks in advance for all the help i get here.

Kind Regards

Depending of the kind of operation that was performed, it may not be possible to delete data.
For example a posted invoice can never be deleted.

You should use a test database where you can create testing data and a production data where you create only real data.

Thank you for the reply.
Was wondering how to go about it if a client in production makes a mistake and wants to redo the entire workflow ,

Normally you can revert most of the day undeletable document. For example if novice with credit note etc.

Thank You , Appreciate your help. Some very helpful people on this forum.