How to open the form from tree


I am have a Model called “stock.picking”. This model has a reference fields to “Supplier Shipment” ,“Customer shipment” and “Internal Shipment” using “Stock.move”. So this “stock.picking” have 3 different form view for each shipment.

The field for “Stock.picking” is show on the tree view as hyperlink. By default, Trytond will choose the form view based on the lowest sequence. May I know how to set the form to view when user click on the hyperlink?

Normally the view_ids attribute would define which view to use.
But in the web client when using “link”, it is not used because it is a substitution for the popup menu in desktop client (which is unrelated to the view).
So the view_ids will work for you if you open the Many2One from the form button or the button on the editable cell.

But view_ids only work for “form” type view.
If I want to use it on “tree” type view, when click on “many2one” “Webclient” open the tab “form” base on view_ids?
is it possible?