Problem listing tabs with gnuhealth in Tryton SAO


I did a comparison with Tryton Desktop Client and Web Client with gnuhealth module installed.

In the patient option after entering to patient detail, I missed some tabs like “Medication” but if you look the form in the View administration you can see this tab exists. When you do the same with a desktop client you can see the option available.

How I can modify or enable the option using the web client?



On the demo server, I can see the “Medication” tab:

I checked the code, they seem to have nothing special with this tab.
Could you check the javascript console of the browser, their may be error. If they are, could you post them but using the development javascript (rm dist/* && grunt dev) (not the minified).


Thanks for the answer here it’s the console messages and a image of my patient screen

And here it’s the image with the bus error

There is nothing that could explain the tab not being displayed.
So I guess it is probably part of the implementation. Maybe there is a rule that hide the tab for specific case. You should check with GNU Health project.


After a lot of test i find the problem. The detail it’s in the tree view when i press the name to go to the details the name of the model it’s different compare with the first.


When the tree view with the patient appears, the url says “model/gnuhealth.patient” but after press the name the model change to “model/”.

I know this comes from database, but i don’t know where it’s the place to load this information into tree view to see if something wrong with the db configuration.



This is the expected behaviour. When showing a relational field on a tree view sao adds a link to them so when clicking the link the relation record is opened on a new tab.

You should use the switch button or double click on another field to open the form view of the current selected record.

I’m wondering if we should not add an handler on the list to “open”/switch the view. And maybe a icon :open_file_folder: next to the Many2One as link.

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But the problem it’s if i open the tree view with the name of model “gnuhealth.patient” and i go to check one record in detail, the normal thing it’s after open the detail maintain the main model “gnuhealth.patient” and not change to “”

Maybe this is a good option but only if the tree manage more than one model to show information.

I like this idea, as this wil make the user aware that clicking the icon will open the record and clicking another place will keep the current behaviour.

I’ve added Issue 9091: Use an icon for Many2One links on tree vie - Tryton issue tracker which implements it.

Here is an screenshot of the result:

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