Tryton with GNU Health


Im trying to run Tryton Server but it seems it is not connected on the database.

Im using tryton 4.2.8 and even the tryton client could not connect to the server.

Please provide the best possible solution.


You need to provide more information.
Have you configured the connection to the database?
Have you created the database as in
Is the server correctly listening on the interface you try to reach with the client?
Are you using the same series for the client and the server?

Yeah, I already solved the issue yesterday. Ahhh another thing, is it possible to access Tryton client on a browser? If yes, how?

Thanks again,

Yes, since series 3.8 we have sao, the tryton webclient.

Yeah, I already installed sao and it seems that I having error on record display. I can’t even modify the records.
Any ideas?


Look at the browser javacript console, there should be an error log.
If you have an error, report it with the error from sao build in development mode: $ grunt dev but clean the dist directory before.

The error was TypeError: Argument 1 is not valid for any of the 1-argument overloads of URL.createObjectURL.

Please advise on how can I solve the error.


It looks like one module installed wrongly define some icons which makes sao crash. I guess it is one of the GNU Health modules.