How to manage supplier invoice rounding diferences


I’ve recently recieved an invoice with the following lines:

  • Price: 23.41, taxes: 21% tax amount: 4.82€
  • Price 7.03, taxes: 21%, tax amount: 1.48€

Which result in the following:

  • Untaxed amount: 30.44€
  • Tax amount: 6.40€
  • Total amount: 36,84€

But when enconding this on Tryton I get the following amounts:

  • Untaxed amount: 30.44€
  • Tax amount: 6.39€
  • Total amount: 36,83€

Which results in a diference of 0.01€ from the total amount. This is because the supplier is rounding the taxes for each line but we are rounding it per document.

I’ve tried to create a manual tax line to fix the rounding but I can not introduce 0.01€ as tax amount because I is automatically changed to 0.00€

Any ideas how to encode this kind of invoices?

You must edit the tax line (of 21%) to change the amount to match the supplier computation.

Just a practial hint to complete what @ced already said: you must first save the invoice, and next you can change the amount in tax line.

I think the save was the detail I was missing. It worked like a charm.
Thank you both!

Well if it needs a save then there is a bug. It should work without the need of saving first.
I think it is because we are missing a default value for invoice_state on the invoice tax so the fields are readonly.

You were right. I’ve just filled Issue 9176: Tax lines are readonly until the invoice is saved - Tryton issue tracker which add the default value and fixes the issue.

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