Question about tax calculation


I have the follow case with tax calculation with a gas product that has a fixed tax.

  1. I created a tax of type Fix ( $ 4.70) and added it to a category and products.
  2. The price of product without tax is $ $ 29.29. After the tax is $ 33.99
  3. A client purchase $ 200 of gas. To calculate the unit of the invoice I divide $ 200 / $ 33.99 = 5.8841 (rounded)
  4. The invoice line has: Units 5.8841 * 29.29 = $ 172.35 amount (rounded)
  5. The invoice tax is $ 27.66.
  6. The total amount of the invoice is $ 200.01

I’m not sure how to calculate the units of the invoice line in these case.

Thanks in advance.

Might this help you?

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You must increase the price decimal if you want to be able to have the exact same result. The number of decimal depend of the kind of calculation done like the rate of the taxes, the range of quantity etc.

Thanks @ced

I increased decimal of quantity field and it works like a charm now.


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