Tax-inclusive price definition

In Tryton it’s easy to adjust prices for each sale or sale-subscription - which is great. Given the logic of accounting, this are net process (tax-excluded), which is perfectly fine for almost all cases.

Now in our CAS - which is B2C - the customer defines the price (there is a standard price to some members are adding a solidarity-amount to). The customer’s POV is tax-inclusive. So he/she says “I’m going to pay 25€”. So when entering the sale, we need to use a calculator to calculate the net-price to be put in the sale form. This is cumbersome and prone to errors.

Has someone already been working on such? E.g. using an enhanced sales-line form, enancing prices to be marked as “tax-inclusive”, etc.?

(It is perfectly fine to have the net-price + tax - as usual - in the rest of the process e.g. in the invoice.)

(There is another thread about tax-inclusive princing. Anyhow AFAIU this is more about showing prices in reports)

If you use the sale_price_list module you can define a tax_included price list.

This means that you directly set the price with taxes on the price_list and Tryton will automatically compute the unit price based on the taxes of the sale line.

I hope this works well for your case

Thanks, I’ll give it a try and report back

I have added a field gross price to the line, which automatically calculates the net price after filling it in.

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