Rounding on sale and invoice

(Carlos Eduardo Sotelo Pinto) #1

Dear comunity

I have an issue on rounding related to sales and invoicing

When a sale is done and later invoice. on both stages some times appear totals like 126.36, for a no formal rule, is common that companies do the sale or invoice on a rounded number like 126.40, if the sale or invoice has a total of 126.32, then the amount must be rounded to 126.30, the question is: Is there any way to do it on tryton or must I do as a custom behavior

I will be glad on any suggest

Best regards

(C├ędric Krier) #2

Well such rounding will break the accounting. The total of an invoice must be the exact total of the lines and taxes otherwise the accounting move will not be balanced.
If you want nice numbers, you must use proper unit price that works well.