Export sold products with sale price and available quantity

I tried to create a customers’ price list with v6.4.

  • in Product > price list I can only display the formula, not actual prices
  • in Sales > Product, I can choose my price lists, but prices always remain list prices, not specific price list prices.

I tried with exports - same result. My wrong?


Sorry but it is not possible to understand what you have done and what you try to achieve based on your message.

Is it more clear to say “I tried to create a customers’ price list” - a paper I can send out to my customers so they know what I have on stock and what prices my products do have?

I guess you can create a report based on “Sales > Products” entry (or just export as CSV).

Are you sure to refresh the view? Are you sure the price list formula are correct?

Yes. That’s what I tried. But I do not get price list prices (which went through the price list calculation mechanism), but bare list prices. Furthermore, I cannot filter by “Type” there, so I have to delete all services manually.

I hope, creating a customers’ price list is not such an exotic desire.

Just tested on the demo.tryton.org and it is working as expected.

This is because the type is not on the view (which is the same as for searching product from sale line) because it does not really matter when selling.

What could be the problem? - As another oddity, in Sales > Products all products are displayed, not only those from the price list specified. Is there a way to narrow down the error?

This is not an error. A sold product has always a sale price.

IMHO there is a misunderstanding in the usage of price lists in Tryton. They are used to calculate the price, but not to produce catalogues of products. The price list in Tryton never changes the count of products in a list. Each product is tested in sequence with each price list line rule. The price list line with the first successful test provides the new price by calculating the formula. If a product is not tested successful by any price list line, only means that the original price doesn’t change.

Thank you. Maybe it’s better to use the word “catalogue” instead of “customers’ price list”. So, if I neither can generate data for a catalogue in Price List, nor in Sales > Products - is there any possibility to do so? - I don’t think it’s such an exotic task and not only I want to do this regularly…

You could use the categories for Catalogue-products. Then open Products / Categories (tree) and double click, to open all products with the Catalogue category.
The resulting products can be CSV exported or, - if you wish to create a report template, - used as report data for a catalogue-report.
If you use the product list-price as the maximum price of your products and the price-lists to reduce the product list-price for special customers, you can export a product catalogue for your customers.

Indeed we could include the “Sales > Products” view as an option from this action.

Indeed the module sale_discount could add the discount to the “Sales > Products” view.

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Thank you for your thoughts. My price lists are used to apply different surcharges for different customers groups. I could not find a method to apply these in products > categories; these only are dealing with VAT in my setup.

To my limited understanding, a display of resulting prices in products > price lists would be the obvious solution, there’s plenty of space for more columns. A chance to create a report from a template there would be the cherry on the cake.