How to create a price list

(Vincenzo Ferraro) #1

Hello everyone, I’m starting to use Tryton and I have a question to ask.
If I create a product that I buy from different suppliers and I sell to different customers, how can I associate the purchase price for each supplier and the sales price for each customer?
The prices of the various suppliers will be different for the same product.
The sales prices of the product will be different (different trade agreements).

(Sergi Almacellas Abellana) #2

After marking a product as purchasable you will see that a new Suppliers tab on the product form. In this tab you can indicate each supplier that you can buy the product from. On each supplier there is a price list, which is used to indicate the price of the product depending on the purchased quantity.

Using the sale_price_list module you can create diferent price list for each product. Each price list can be used to specify a fixed price for each product or compute one using a formula based on the product List Price (i.e: A price list to apply a 10% discount to all products)

When creating a sale or a purchases document you can specify the unit price of this product for the current transaction. By default Tryton will use the defined price list (customer and suppliers) to propose a price, but you can manually modify it to specify a different one for the current agreement.

(Vincenzo Ferraro) #3

Hello everyone,
thanks for the answers!
I have installed the price list module, but I have a problem: how do I create a price list for a customer?
How can I associate a product’s personalized price with a specific customer?
What should I enter in the name field in prile list?
In the lines I will insert the products with the prices, but the customer where I indicate it?
how can I associate the list price to the customer ???

(albert) #4

You can use the product_price_list and sale_price_list modules.

The sale_price_list module allows you to create a price list and link it to a specific customer in the party’s form. That will be the price list used by default for that customer in the sale.

(Cédric Krier) #5

You must create a specific price list and link it to the party form as “Sale Price List”.
On the price list, you must create a line that match the specific product.

What ever you want. It is a free text field to allow the user to recognize the price list among the others.

(Vincenzo Ferraro) #6

Good morning,
I installed the product_price_list and sale_price_list modules.
I created the price list (in product-> price lists).
In the Sales section I did not understand how to connect to the customer the price list created …
On which item I click to connect the customer to the price list?
I want to create many price lists (in product-> price Lists) and associate them with customers.

(Cédric Krier) #7

As said previously, the price list is linked to a party on the party form.