How to create a price list

Hello everyone,
thanks for the answers!
I have installed the price list module, but I have a problem: how do I create a price list for a customer?
How can I associate a product’s personalized price with a specific customer?
What should I enter in the name field in prile list?
In the lines I will insert the products with the prices, but the customer where I indicate it?
how can I associate the list price to the customer ???

You can use the product_price_list and sale_price_list modules.

The sale_price_list module allows you to create a price list and link it to a specific customer in the party’s form. That will be the price list used by default for that customer in the sale.

You must create a specific price list and link it to the party form as “Sale Price List”.
On the price list, you must create a line that match the specific product.

What ever you want. It is a free text field to allow the user to recognize the price list among the others.

Good morning,
I installed the product_price_list and sale_price_list modules.
I created the price list (in product-> price lists).
In the Sales section I did not understand how to connect to the customer the price list created …
On which item I click to connect the customer to the price list?
I want to create many price lists (in product-> price Lists) and associate them with customers.

As said previously, the price list is linked to a party on the party form.

Sorry, I need to jump in here.
I installed sale_price_list, and now can create price lists at Menu>"Articles". In price lists created there, I can see a field “formula”, which works. But where would I insert fixed prices - just numbers?

Cheers, Wolf

AFAIK you also have to use the formula field.

Thank you for your point. I tried to just type in a number, as well as in x.yy format. But it seems not to work for me. What could be wrong?

I made a test in the tryton demo website and it seems to work for me:

Which Tryton version are you using?
Are you getting any error?

v 6.0 - no errors. ):

So what’s the problem? The sale is not filling in the price specified in the formula?

I do it by this way:
It works perfect. But probably there is a better way.

Strange enough, now it works nicely. I re-created article categories and the price list in question, now I can type just a number, and it appears as such in a sale; when the “tax included” box is checked, even VAT is discounted.

When I review this discussion, it looks as if quite some people (me being the leading fool) did not get the idea that the “formula” box may hold just numbers as well. Dear developers - would it be such a big deal to name this field “price or formula” or "“price / formula”?? - You would expect a price field in a price list, wouldn’t you?


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Another good improvement that we made and it’s very useful for us is to use Templates. By default you can filter just by categories or variant. We usually name prices at template level. I think this could be very useful for many companies and I understand as a standard function.

Hello, best regards
Reading a little this old debate I still have the doubt of how to assign a list of specific prices to a third party, since where it indicates the value of the product is not editable, I would appreciate your help, thanks

Price lists are based on formula so you do not edit any price but a formula.
Also it seems you have non-standard module because there are no such price compute field in standard (because it makes no sense most of the time).

For us it makes sense and we do it by computing unit_price*0+45 for example. We use very often this way of naming prices.
Secondly, @ced what do you think about this functionality?

We found it very useful and I don’t see why this is not a standard functionality.


Why not adding template as criteria but then it should be mutually exclusive with the product. Maybe we could use a Reference field and adapt the matching.


I don’t know the best way of make this but it would very useful for many companies.


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