Using Sale Promotion and PriceList


we are using the sale_promotion and sale_price_list modules.

Now, we have a promotion and a price list. The promotion formular is like ‘unit_price * 0.9’ and the price_list is a fixed value like 12.34.

The list price of the product is 15 for example. Now, if we create a sale, the first step is, that the price_list price will be taken for this product: 12.34. After this, the promotion will be applied, if the sale is qouted. Now, the price is 11.11. But expected would be 12.34, because the list_price of the product ( not the unit_price of the product after the price-list calculation ) should be used for the promotion.

How should we solve this?

Thank you and best regards,

In this case, you have to extend the SalePromotion.get_context_formula to include the list_price in the evaluation context. Then you can write a promotion formula based on the list_price.

It may make sense to propose the feature in the standard module.

Thank you for your reply. I will test this today and give you a feedback!