Delete or force to draft Processes in Fixed Assets

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I have a question regarding the Assets module, which we find in Accounting> Assets> Assets, when performing a depreciation process, and clicking on the “Execute” button, I notice that there is no way to eliminate what has already been executed, for instance:

This asset is in “In execution” status but it happens that there was an error when typing the amortized amount, but I can’t find a way to modify this process or eliminate it,
Would there be some module to install or procedure to make this modification,
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You cannot delete what was already been posted. This is a major rule in accounting.
So you can just correct the asset for the future moves by going back to draft, make corrections and run it again.

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Excuse me, ¿how would I go back to draft?

You click on the draft button.

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sorry, in the current update that I have Tryton installed, I can’t find said “Draft” button, only “Close” and “Update Active” are displayed.

Perhaps there will be some module to activate that I do not know, your guide would be very helpful.

once you started to use the asset (what you did: you already have an associated account move), you can’t go back to draft or delete it.

if you have to close the asset, manually cancel related account moves (it will create new account moves with negated amount), and create a new asset.

I strongly advice you to try it on a test database and not on production database.

This is wrong, you can go back to draft since Issue 9939: Allow update asset even lines have no move yet - Tryton issue tracker.

Esta opción no está en la versión 6.0 si no en la versión 6.4, cierto?

This option was introduced on 6.2.