Asset importing

I am looking to import existing assets from my old accounting program, in order to manage them using tryton.

But it seems deprecation isn’t computed exactly the same way, leading few cents differences in periods.

For example, with a good buy at 2014-03-26 for 2335.00 € over 10 years:

  • my old program
    • first year: 170.73 deprecation
    • next years: 223.50 deprecation/year
    • last year: 52.77 deprecation
  • tryton
    • first year: 170.03 deprecation
    • next years: 223.45 deprecation/year
    • last year: 51.92 deprecation

For a new asset, it isn’t a problem. But it is existing assets, and at 2019-01-01 (the opening of my accounting with tryton), I need to have the same value than with my old program, in order to have coherent values between opening balance in accounts and assets values.

So I am wondering if it is possible to record AssetLine manually for these already existing assets ?

I did some tests.

If I use a starting date at 2014-03-26, the deprecation value are wrong for 2019-01-01 (due to method mismatch), and it can’t create move (it will try to create all moves since 2014-03-26, and it doesn’t have periods for them).

If I use a starting date at 2019-01-01, I can set the right value for 2019-01-01 starting point, and deprecation mismatch isn’t a problem anymore. But the asset value doesn’t match with accounting.

Probably we should add a new field with already deprecated value and add it to the value computed by get_depreciated_amount. So the value of the asset can be filled with the right value but the deprecation computation will be based on the current value.

Here is Issue 8663: Add already depreciated value - Tryton issue tracker which adds a depreciated value field.

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