Connection refused when i want to connect from the tryton of my home(linux) a database was exist in a project created on a virtual environement

i want to install the desktop-client 5.8.1 on my ubuntu 20.04(not in virtual environement)
so i installed the packages exit in this page
then i was about installed the tryton version 5.8.1
using this command
sudo pip3 install wheel goocalendar tryton==5.8.1

so after that i typed


and enter as an admin to a database exist in another project on virtual environment (i have my another project tryton on a virtual environment work normally).

but an error was display when i want to connect from the desktop-client from my home to this :
could not connect to the server
ERROR:tryton.rpc:[Errno 111] Connection refused

so is their another steps i should do it !

No, there is no any additional problem.

Did you check the server is running?

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