Installation Web Interface Ubuntu 20.04.2

Hi Everybody.

I installed the tryton package from ubuntu repository.
I reboot and I try to acces from the windows desktop client.
It is giving me error that It can’t connect to the server from the app.

Another thing is that I want to have a web interface better than the desktop app.

Is there a guide step by step on how to do it? I searched on the forum and I haven’t found anything that it works for me.

Thank You

It will be easier to use Tryton docker: How to run Tryton using Docker

Another help about trytond installation: How to install Tryton — trytond latest documentation

Thank You maxx, I’m going to delete and create a new server using docker

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Usually it is because by default the server is only listening on localhost. So you have to edit the listen configuration with for example for all IPv4 interface.

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