Confused with access rights with product suppliers

I’m confused with the purchase.product_supplier model. This model can be reached from the products menu: Products -> Products -> Suppliers. The idea is to block all access to the model when a user is not in the right group.

So I defined a new model.access which removes the CRWD access by default. The existing one is deactivated. Removing the access works for all the other models except for purchase.product_supplier. I digged through everything and came to the confusing conclusion that access to the product.template also has to be removed.

Do I miss something here? What can I do to fix this?

Indeed modules/purchase: e3c9645b2fca linked the access right of product supplier to the template and product. But Issue 10268: Missing acces right on purchase.product_supplier and sale.product_customer - Tryton issue tracker intended to set custom access right but did not remove the link with template and product. Here is Issue 11580: Remove access right link between product supplier/customer with product/template - Tryton issue tracker which should fix it.

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