How to add supplier, customer tabs to product editing page

I have installed ‘trytond_sale_supply’, ‘trytond_sale_product’ modules, and activated them. But the product adding page doesn’t have supplier and customer tabs as the

What else should I do?

Hi @kenty, welcome to the forum!

In order to see the customer tab you should check the “Salable” flag of the product.
In order to see the supplier tab you should check the “Purchasable” flag on the product.

This is because it does not make sense to set custoemr information for non salable products or supplier information for non purchasable products.

Thanks. I got the tabs now. But under the supplier tab, It looks different from the []. There is no adding supplier menu. I need to add different supplier to a product. what should I do?

I tried to create and link product from the [Product Supplier] under the [Product], When I try to save it, I got a pop up window. It says "a value is required for field ‘Company’ in ‘Product Supplier’ ". How to sort this out? Thanks

It seems that your user is not linked to any company. You must edit the user form and re-login.

Yes, You are right. Thanks.

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