Products relating to specific company (multiple companies)

Suppose I have two companies. Then each will sell its products under its own name.

Is it possible to have a user who can be configured to view/sell/purchase the products that relate to one specific company only?

In standard the products are always shared between companies. If you want to restrict them, you must customize the product model to store available companies and set proper rule.

Ok, suppose I just want to hide a particular product from a user.

I created a user group ‘Hide Test Product’ and created a record rule as follows (and added the user to the group).

But when I log in as the user, I can still see the product called ‘Test’, even though according to the rule, when the name is = ‘Test’, the Read Access is not allowed.

What is wrong here?

So, to make it work as intended, you have to check the permissions boxes (read, write etc.)

I think the simplest solution is to simply put the products in a category named after the company name and create a record rule involving the product category.

I filled Issue 10551: Convert boolean on product into MultiValue field - Tryton issue tracker to propose a better core design which will not require to use rules for such case.

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