Cannot find mentioned link for requesting project access

apologies for the new thread after the time-out close.

as per Tryton - How to Develop, one should first

Request access to the project (by clicking on the link next to the project title).

unfortunately, i am having trouble finding the mentioned link. in fact, next to each repo title i am seeing a globe icon stating

Public - The project can be accessed without any authentication.

nevertheless, i am failing to push a topic to the repo as per the guide’s instructions, which error using either:


remote: user 'heptapod-read' does not have write permission
remote: pretxnopen.heptapod_check_write hook failed
abort: push failed on remote


abort: HTTP Error 403: Forbidden

Are you a registered user? You need to be to request development access.

@ced i am logged in to the gitlab, yes, in this case using github sso.

The request action has been moved to the drop-down menu:

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I filled Imrpove request access (!118) · Merge requests · Tryton / Communication / Website · GitLab

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