GitLab Contribution Problem

Hello everyone,

I think I’m having trouble trying to contribute to GitLab.

Could someone tell me how should I contribute the code?

  • I am a customer of using Github and I think the way is to create a new Issue, then branch it and end with a PR.

When I try to create a new branch, I get the error message: “Failed to create branch ‘xxxxxxxxxxx’: invalid reference name ‘branch/default’”.

The hg between git is a headache. :cold_face:
Do we have any guide available for this?

Yes: Tryton - How to Develop

Sure Ced,

But I am not able to create a new Branch to create a new PR to be able to work and contribute.

Because the workflow is not based on branches but topics.
See Merge Request Quick Start Guide

Indeed we forbid contributors to create branches, only maintainer can do that because in mercurial branches are eternal not like in git. Indeed mercurial topic is a closer concept to git branch than the mercurial branch.

Fine Ced,

I will try it, I think I have not the topic set right at hg.