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Hi, I tried to push change following How to Develop and I got the error:

tiyujopite [~/code/tryton] - hg push
pushing to ssh://
searching for changes
remote: user 'heptapod-read' does not have write permission
remote: pretxnopen.heptapod_check_write hook failed
abort: push failed on remote

What could be happening? Thanks

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You don’t have write permission.
You should request access to the Tryton group to gain this permission.

(It’s the link next to the project title)

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Thank you very much. I assumed it was something like that, but I hadn’t seen the button to request access anywhere.

It’s silly but could this be added to the tutorial on how to contribute. Together with how to link the merge with the issue and some examples of scenarios with common problems when pull a changes (a rebase for example).

They may seem very trivial but for non Mercurial users it can be a headache, which I guess will be most of the new people who want to contribute.

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