Blank lines appearing when allocating lines in Origins after OFX upload


I am moving this problem from another post to its own thread. Apologies if you have seen it before.

I have blank lines appearing in the origins lines after I have completed the allocation and this is causing problems in saving. I had successfully competed lines for 4 statement origins but now something is broken. I then can’t save any changes I make. When I try to save I get an error:

A value is required for field "Statement" in "Account Statement Line".

I had changed lot of line and am not sure when I introduced the problem. I closed tabs without saving and reopening but this has not cleared the problem.

To resolve this, in the end I just deleted all of the records and started the import again.

This worked for a short while. When I go look back at a completed origin and its lines I see that a blank line has appeared above the one I previously entered. I can delete this and it saves, however, it will just reappear and cause the same problem.

The error is generally different to the above, related to zero value line, but the previous error can appear again.

It tends to be a race between me deleting these mysterious lines and saving before more appear.

Any advice?



I think you should try to provide us with the simpler scenario to reproduce the problem.
If we cannot reproduce, we cannot fix it. I tested the creation of lines from origin and the statement field is always filled (even if I remove it).