Importing OFX statement file in 5.0


I tried to reproduce the ofx import scenario from scenario_account_statement_ofx on, with the provided file OFX.txt from account_statement_ofx (I changed only EUR to USD to fit the currency selected on demo).
I get this error alert : “The field “End Balance” on “Account Statement” is required”.

I had the same error here with my bank statement files. I cannot see any line in OFX standard that would provide such value. My conclusion would be that there is a useless validation in the wizard…

We encountered similar problems, but found the following Issue 8879: Total Amount on OFX statement is actually Start / End Balance - Tryton issue tracker which seems not to have advanced much.

OFX seems useless as such for now.
We decided, for example, to prototype a CFONB120 (France) statement importer in order to get over this for our banks.


Thks Richard for confirming the bug.

In fact the LEDGERBAL BALAMT value should be the requested value, if examples on ofx website are accurate.

This is because when the statement is created from the OFX file no start and end balance get added to the statement. In the statement journal, if you change the Validation Type to “Number of Lines”, then you should be able to import the OFX file.

I have just added review262751002 that hopefully resolves that issue.

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