Validating imported statements using Number of Lines

When validating imported OFX statements if you set the Validation Type on the Journal to Number of Lines then you can validate the statement regardless of the number of Statement Lines as it validates the number of lines against the Origin Lines.

Is this the expected behaviour?

Initially I was expecting it to check the Number of Lines against the Statement Lines. The reason I was expecting it to do this was because then it would then mean that the statement couldn’t be validated unless either:

  • The origin lines had been made into statement lines, or
  • The user had changed the Number of Lines to the number of lines that they actually wanted to use from the Origin Lines.

But then after thinking a bit more I thought maybe as it is looking at the Origin Lines, then perhaps it should only be counting the number of lines that have a pending amount of 0? Otherwise the validation of number of lines seems to do little to help the user to check that the lines that are imported are correct.

What does everyone else think?

Yes because the statement lines can be split for one origin.

The validation is mainly for manual encoding. When importing (except if there are bugs), there should never been invalid.

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