Assign tax rate to article

By now, I can create invoices and orders, which is nice.
But in orders, I have to assign tax rates manually to any article,
in invoices they are “fixed” and I cannot change them.

After 2hs of tinkering - sorry, here I’m back again:
Where do I adjust tax rates for articles?

Right - found the answer here:

Next question is:
I have items for company customers and such for private customers. The first are quoted netto prices, the second brutto (incl. VAT). Can I save netto prices for some, and brutto prices for other items?

I think you can do that with the categories and price lists.

Yes, I thought I might be able to define that in “articles > categories > categories” - but could not find any brutto/netto selectors.

In the definition of the price list, you have a checkbox: Tax Included.
You can set on price list to a category of product with Tax Included checked and a price list with another category with Tax Included not checked.

Thank you! - I found that and created a price list called “service for private customer” and checked the box “tax included” there. But still in my invoice, the price is listed as “amount + VAT”. How can I change that?

Other prob:
When I add an item in my customer’s invoice, no price is filled in. But every item has a list price under “articles > articles”. How can I fix that?


You need to affect the correct price list to the correct party.

… in principle the billing flow in Tryton, goes from sales to go to invoices. Because some mechanism are only implemented on sales.

You can not. On an invoice you should always show separately the amount of VAT.

The price will be filled automatically only in sales (where tou can generate an invoice from) not in an ‘manual’ invoice.

Understood. And solved my problem.
Thank you very much to everybody.

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