Access Reports from Popup/subwindow

When you have a record open and open a associated record from there (e.g. clicking on the party field in a shipment) it is opend in a subwindow or popup.
From there i miss access to the reports, notes and attachments of that record.

For Example if i have a shipment open, and i want to print a address label of the party or write a letter. These are reports of party module, but there is no way to access these reports from within shipment record without opening the party list and search the party there.
This is a example with standard modules, in practice i have reports and attachments linked to lots or products, witch i want to be accessible when i open these records from production.

Is it possible to add the buttons for notes, attachments, actions and reports also to the popup that opens when you open a record from within an other record?

You can right-click on it, the menu will offer you the reports and the wizards IIRC.
But I don’t think there are entries for the notes and attachements.

There is.

Indeed the right-click menu is not available on the web client.
I think it will be a good addition to add a small toolbar/dropdown on the window popup to give access to the same menu. For me, an important point is to make it small enough to not clutter the form. Maybe it could be a MenuButton before the title like in tab content. But this menu should be filled only if the record shown is stored and not when it is a list.

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Thank you for your hint.
I mainly use the desktop client and didn’t discover this yet. I think it is not obvious, as clicking left in the field does just place the cursor, to open the record you have to click the small symbol left in the field. At this symbol clicking right does also open the record, the menu only comes when right-clicking in the text.

So i would suggest, that right-clicking the symbol should also open the context menu.

Still i would find it convenient, to have access to the attachments and notes from within the popup. I also think, that in the line with the title would be the place for it. But not compressing them in a menu would have the benefit, that it is directly visible if there are any notes or attachments. For my taste, it wouldn’t be cluttered if there were several small symbols right of the title, as long as they are small enough not to make the line higher.