SAO, usability improvement


Navigation on internet web broswer provides usability that needs to be available on SAO


A “Ctrl + Click” or a “Wheel + Click” should open a new tab on the browser to be able to have “directly” 2 views available for different objets simultaneously.


A link should be available to directly jump to the selected view.
Example :" or something similar
By clicking on the menu, you go to the menu, the url changes. If you “ctrl + Click” the browser like normal website, open a new tab and jump in the selected view.

Advantage : like this you can directly add bookmarks natively to the browser or shortcut to acces directly to the good view without navigating through the interface.
Advantage II : if you press “previous” you go back to the last view.

Finally : Opening “internal” tab should not be open unless a related objet view has been clicked by the user.
(SAO interface after 10 click, you get 10 tabs, and you get less space for the view)

Note : I dont know if I should post 2 discussions with the finally point. Let me know I can do this.


EDIT : Add advantage II

I do not think it is doable for some reasons:

  • the Tryton session is only stored in the javascript memory
  • the URL schema does not provide the database name
  • loading a new page will be very expensive
  • it will prevent to have Cache Management being really efficient

But it will be good to add support of the tryton scheme to sao.

Maybe we could store the session in the sessionStorage or the localStorage per database.

Indeed the URL schema contains the database name. But of course for sao, it should be based on hash part only.

But any way, I think the default behavior should stay but once the URL schema is supported, it could probably be possible to open a new window with the right schema.

I’m not against, but for now, after 10+ click on the menu, you get 2 lines of tabs and more, which is not productive.
Disabling tabs each time you click on the menu is only a suggestion to limit the number of tabs open.

Personally, after 4-5 tabs open I loose my way on this tabs line.

I think that you are searching for Issue 5799: Implement allow_similar tabs in sao - Tryton issue tracker

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