Why are email fields hidden on deactivated records?

Is there a reason why email fields get hidden when a record is deactivated?


When you untick the Active checkbox the Email field gets hidden (also happens on the contact mechanisms form).

The same thing happens in the Web and Desktop clients, which is making me wonder whether this is a bug or a feature? :thinking: :bug:

The email field uses the email widget so it seems there is a bug on this widget that hides the field when it’s readonly.

Strange feature :unamused: its seems more a bug than a feature :bug:

It is a feature of the URL widgets. The input is hidden when it is read-only to reduce the space consumed because all the information are available on the button.

But then the user can not see nor copy the url.

Right-clicks works on the web and Issue 1340: Copy link with the Url widget - Tryton issue tracker

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